The empty webshop and upcoming projects.

Unfortunately my webshop is empty - fortunate for me the reason is a lot of work and orders!

Lately I had many requests from both private persons and restaurants and I am so happy that so many of you appreciate my work! That also means I made some choices of doing the bigger orders and letting the smaller ones wait for the webshop. Hopefully I will be able to produce some objects for the webshop until mid October, I will keep you updated. 

If you are a restaurant, private person or someone who wants to do a bigger collaboration or order from me feel free to send me an email and we can start a communication. 

Upcoming projects

I have a few upcoming projects that I will post info about closer to the dates. In September you will some of my work and me working at the ODF - Oslo Design Fair. The exhibition Norwegian Structure that were first put up in Milan during the Salone del Mobile in April will be displayed at the ODF and next to it I will install a small workshop and introduce you to how I make my objects.

 "Steinlav" serving trays

"Steinlav" serving trays

In October I will exhibit and sell a collection of sixteen unique and numbered serving plates. They will be a part of the exhibition; "Seksten" in the shop Norway Designs in Oslo. I will make sixteen big plates and decorate/glaze them like one big picture and montage them on the wall. It will be possible to buy the whole collection as one big piece or pick out the one that suits you best. Beneath the aesthetical value of the project lies questions and focus on subjects such as; the difference between art and craft. When is something art, when, why and does it loose value when it is removed from the wall or the white pedestal and out on the table to be used?  

  Justisen restaurant in Oslo, that have been going thru a big renovation late last year have ordered new plates. I am about one week from finishing the project and I am looking forward to see them used in the restaurant. They will also be the first one to purchase the glaze model that I finally managed to figure out: Mare Tranquillitatis. 

Later this year I will start to make the second models for a flower pot/bowl. Together with Stine Vikne Blomar we will make a ceramic object to arrange flowers. Stine contacted me after we met at restaurant Lysverket during one of their "Lysverket Friends" happenings. She is making flower decorations for the restaurant and had a vision of something new to arrange the flowers in. I am so looking forward to work more on this project.