Collaboration with michelin stared restaurant Ylajali

Collaboration with Ylajali

Ylajali restaurant were found on St Olavs plass 2, Oslo. It closed its doors late 2015. Even Ramsvik the head chef and co owner wanted to reach further and do more than what he was capable to do in the space of Ylajali restaurant.

Two years before they closed down I did a collaboration with the restaurant.
They aimed to serve and make a dynamic dinner, composed with the best seasonal food. They introduced the seasons at their best. The name and consept of the restaurant is based on the old history of the building and the book "Sult" by Knut Hamsun. Ylajali, the lover of the main character in the book, lived in the flat over the restaurant.


Porcelain plates was made using both reduction and electrical kilns.
The glazes were developed continuously throughout the process. All plates with their shapes and colors were made to suit the needs of the restaurant and their wish to serve seasonal food.