"Mummi drar på ferie"

A collaboration with Pjoltergeist, Oslo

October 27th were the opening of a project called "Mummi drar på ferie" (Moomin goes on holiday). It was a project initiated by me, after a three month stay in Denmark were I learned to wheel throw by the Würtz ceramics.

Pjoltergeist and Mummi

You can find Pjoltergeist in Rosteds gate 15 b, 0178 Oslo. They keep a low profile and the restaurant space and philosophy is an eclectic and interesting mix of asian street style food with Islandic and scandinavian commodities, gangster rap music and glittery interior decoration. When they opened theire Moomin plates made a big fuzz and everyone had something to say about it. Fine dining food were put on cartoon plates and the bad match were terrible good. When I asked Pjoltergeist if they wanted to be a part of the project they said yes, and Moomin had to go on holiday for a while.


By visiting and talking with the stab of Pjoltergeist I designed several pieces to their servings. One of the reasons why I wanted to do this project with them was also that I knew I would get a big play room when it came to colors and shapes. Some of the plates I made for the project is now the ones I make the most of for orders; like the Sjøskum and Steinlav glaze.